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Vinuja Fernando

UNSW B. Medical Science/Doctor Of Medicine

I love landscapes, hikes and all things to do with the sky. I’ve been flying drones for a few years now and it’s probably what gives me the most zen. I’ve been skydiving once and absolutely loved it, and hope to one day get my Recreational Pilots License!

99.90 ATAR​

▪ 1st in Chemistry at Baulkham Hills HS
▪ 1st in Physics at Baulkham Hills HS
▪ 1st in English at Baulkham Hills HS

Lior Yoffe

UNSW B. Medical Science/Doctor Of Medicine

Other than pursuing my passion at uni, you’ll often find me at the local bouldering gym trying to crack a tough climb (and wishing I had adhesive fingers) or swimming. I also love to spend my leisure time with a good book or hanging out with friends. It’s very important to have time away from work and learning to keep yourself balanced, which is something I’d strongly advise to all incoming and outgoing students. Work hard, play hard!

99.95 ATAR

▪ 1st in Biology at Baulkham Hills HS
▪ 1st in Economics at Baulkham Hills HSC
▪ 2nd in Chemistry at Baulkham Hills HS
▪ 8th in NSW for Chemistry
▪ 14th in NSW for Biology

Jane Feng Zhuo

UNSW B. Comm/Law

Hi my name is Jane and I love anything active :)) I guess my favourites are oztag and dancing. Love oztag because I’m pretty competitive when it comes to sports and I enjoy playing and training with my team, and for dance its something I can do by myself in my down time but also with friends for bigger projects :)) 

99.75 ATAR

▪ 3rd in NSW for Korean Beginners
▪ 96 HSC Marks in Chemistry

Grace Naduvilath

USYD B. Applied Science (Speech Pathology)

I love to spend my time reading real life, historical and fantasy fiction books; my top book recommendation is A Thousand Splendid Suns! I also love to cook, both sweet and savoury foods, because it is very stress relieving and it brings people together. I also have a bad habit of thrifting too many clothes, which I then like to cut up and resew, making new items to wear.

98.55 ATAR

▪ 1st in Biology at William Carey Christian School
▪ 4th in NSW - Biology

Tyler Ye

WSU Doctor of medicine(joint medical program)

Hey, I’m Tyler! Just another guy who became a gym bro once he graduated from high school. I also love to play basketball when I want to escape body dysmorphia. You might find me relaxing at an inner-city cafe with a cup of mocha (double shot).


▪ 99th Percentile
▪ 3320 Score

Dhruv Patel

Griffith University Doctor of Medicine

Hello! My name is Dhruv and I have a passion for basketball and the NBA. In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction books. I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Medicine degree at Griffith University. As a tutor, I aim to teach students the most important concepts and provide them with the skills to effectively address common exam questions, in order to prepare them for success on the HSC. I place a strong emphasis on exam techniques to help my students achieve the highest marks possible.

99.85 ATAR

▪ 1st in Chemistry at Baulkham Hills HS
▪ 96 HSC Marks in Chemistry
▪ 96 HSC Marks in Physics

Katia Gavljak

USYD B. Veterinary Science

I graduated from Marist Sister’s College, Woolwich in 2022. Biology was my favourite subject during the HSC and I am studying Veterinary Science at Sydney Uni – hopefully to work in a private practise one day! I love bushwalking, gardening and listening to podcasts in my spare time. At the top of my bucket list is to visit the Galapagos Islands and study the unique species of flora and fauna there.

99.75 ATAR

▪ 1st in Biology at Marist Sisters College Woolwich
▪ 3rd in NSW - Biology
▪ 97 HSC Marks in Biology

Naman Singh

Baulkham Hills High School

I strongly believe that focused effort can definitely boost up marks and love to see growth in my students. I try to place emphasis on how students can maximise their marks and be as time efficient as possible.
I love to explore the sciences not just for exams but also to understand the world better. Just a little part of my curiosity.
In my spare time I love to play soccer (favourite team: Real Madrid) and sometimes sneak in some drawing/painting as well (although disclaimer I’m not very good)
Still on my L’s so I can’t drive yet but I’m getting there.

99.85 ATAR

▪ 1st in Biology at Baulkham Hills HS
▪ 1st in Physics at Baulkham Hills HS
▪ 2nd in Chemistry at Baulkham Hills HS

Erika Daubaras

UNSW B. Chemical Engineering

Hi my name is Erika, as a tutor, I aim to help every student reach their potential. In my personal life, I really enjoy reading books to expand my knowledge and immerse myself in different worlds!

99.60 ATAR

▪ 1st in Biology at Bethany Catholic College Hurstville
▪ 11th in NSW - Biology
▪ 96 HSC Marks in Biology

Alexander Righi

UNSW B. Science/Law

99.00 ATAR

▪ 2nd in Chemistry at CBHS Lewisham
▪ 95 HSC Marks in Chemistry

Xavier Hassey


99.90 ATAR

▪ 1st in Chemistry at CBHS Lewisham
▪ 1st in Physics at CBHS Lewisham
▪ 2nd in Mathematics Extension 2 at CBHS Lewisham
▪ 2nd in NSW for Chemistry
▪ 6th in NSW for Physics

Soham Kochikar

UNSW B. Physiotherapy

99+ ATAR

▪ 1st in Chemistry at Girraween HS
▪ 96 HSC Marks in Chemistry

Rami Perera

UNSW B. Actuarial Science/Computer Science

99.30 ATAR

▪ 1st in Physics at Girraween HS
▪ 96 HSC Marks in Physics

Pouyan Hosseinbabaee

USYD B. Applied Science (Physiotherapy)

Hey there, I’m Pouyan, and I love sports. Nothing feels as good as kicking a footy with your mates or having a tense doubles match in tennis. It gets pretty competitive as well if you’re playing with me 😉 For my downtime, I enjoy playing classical music on the piano to relax and refocus my thoughts – don’t judge me I’m a bit rusty. As a tutor, I wish to be a mentor for students, to help them deal with their struggles as well as help them achieve their goals.

99.65 ATAR

▪ 95 HSC Mark in Chemistry

Krish Surana

WSU Doctor of Medicine

I love exploring the mysteries of the world! Whether that be through a tough hike in coastal Sydney or through studying medicine in university. I’m an extremely competitive player and fan when enjoying a game of cricket or football on a regular basis. 

99.80 ATAR

▪ UCAT 98th Percentile
▪ 3270 Score
▪ 95 HSC Mark in Physics

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