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ElevateHSC is a premier tutoring center that specializes in providing top-notch education to HSC students in the areas of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and the UCAT. With a team of the best state-ranked tutors, we have established ourselves as a leading institution for students who are looking to excel in their HSC exams and secure a spot in their desired universities.

Our team of expert tutors are all highly qualified and have a deep understanding of the HSC curriculum, which allows us to provide our students with the best possible education. We, at ElevateHSC, are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential and have a proven track record of success.

Our center has a modern and well-equipped facility that provides a comfortable and conducive learning environment for students, while also utilizing modern teaching techniques, which helps to keep the students engaged and motivated. In addition, we offer a wide range of resources, including study materials and practice questions, which are tailored to the specific needs of the students.

ElevateHSC also provides additional support and guidance to our students in the form of personal counseling and mentoring. This ensures that each student receives the individual attention they need in order to succeed and helps to build a strong sense of community among the students.

We are committed to providing the best possible education to our students and helping them to achieve their goals, while helping them strive to create a positive and supportive learning environment that enables students to reach their full potential, both academically and personally. With our tutors’ guidance and support, students can feel confident that they are well-prepared for their HSC exams and have the best possible chance of success.

In addition to a focus on education, our center is also focused on organic growth. We are supportive and also very inclusive. A big motto is “there is no such thing as a dumb question”. We also create a very open environment that is conducive to student growth.

One of the key differentiators that sets us apart from other colleges is the way in which we view our students. We view them as more than just students – they are like siblings to us. We are deeply invested in their success, not just academically, but also in terms of their overall well-being. Our goal is to have a positive impact on their lives and to help them leave our center feeling refreshed and empowered, with the knowledge that they have truly benefited from their time with us.

Benefits of Choosing Elevate

Best Study Notes​

We spend roughly over 10 hours per theory booklet, making sure our notes are just perfect!


Tutors that support you​

We provide a safe space for students to ask questions, make mistakes, and improve.


Lessons that make sense​

Learning with us is almost poetic. Our lesson structure is clear and easy to follow.


Learning beyond the classroom​

Our mentoring-based approach elevates students to become their best selves.

Our Teaching


Learn theory through our unique lesson structure​

Exam Prep​

Get awesome tips for exam prep


We believe learning isn’t limited to the classroom

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Customer Reviews
“Vinuja has worked consistently with my son for his HSC in group classes and solo tutoring. In this time period we have been so pleased to see my son’s exam marks jump around 20% and we hope they will go even higher. My son now actually enjoys Chemistry! I can recommend Vinuja as a tutor for the HSC, and I am definitely glad we had him on our team.”
M. A. Devere
“Really good tutoring place with actually competent tutors who are really good at explaining complex concepts (especially when it comes to physics). They provide you with booklets that double as notes and practice questions to have a go at yourself so you can be confident.
Kian Sadafi
“Great lessons that are pre-planned and pre-made, removing any wastage of time and clarifying issues on what needs to be learnt during the lesson. The lessons go into great depth with the content and end with many hard questions to solidify the knowledge.”
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