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Excel in Year 11 HSC Chemistry with the guidance of our expert tutors and their simplified teaching methods.



Unlock your potential in Year 11 HSC Biology with the support of our experienced tutors and their comprehensive syllabus coverage.



Achieve success in Year 11 HSC Physics with the help of our expert tutors and their emphasis on building a solid foundation.

Our Teaching


Exploring the theoretical frameworks of each UCAT subsection

Exam Prep​

Exclusive and individualised strategies to help tackle different styles of questions


We believe learning isn’t limited to the classroom


Patented Theory Booklets​

Using a clear narrative structure, our theory booklets break down each module, thoroughly explaining concepts and covering every dot point in the NESA new syllabus. Through carefully chosen examples and exam-style practice questions, students can revise their knowledge every step of the way.

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Our teaching approach offers a unique combination of:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all essential theory content
  • Advanced exam techniques
  • An abundance of practice opportunities to perfect your skills

We believe understanding means effectively expressing knowledge on exam day. Our approach ensures you grasp concepts and excel in exams.

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We don’t just track academic performance; we also prioritize student wellbeing. We believe that when students feel motivated and confident, they can achieve their full potential. Our unique approach fosters a safe and supportive environment that ensures every student is thriving in every lesson.

We’re committed to ongoing progress and provide meaningful performance evaluations every term, so you can see the growth for yourself, from the first day to the last.

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  • Best Study Notes: Our meticulously crafted notes, crafted over 10 hours per theory booklet, ensure that you have the most comprehensive and accurate information.
  • Lessons that make sense: Our clear and easy-to-follow lesson structure makes learning almost poetic.
  • Tutors that support you: Our safe space for students to ask questions, make mistakes and improve, ensures that you have the support you need to succeed.
  • Learning beyond the classroom: Our mentoring-based approach elevates students to become their best selves, ensuring that you reach your full potential.

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At Elevate HSC, we specialise in providing year 11 tutoring services for students in Australia. Our team of experienced and qualified year 11 tutors are dedicated to supporting and guiding students through this important year of their education, with a focus on Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Our tutors in Australia are experts in the Year 11 curriculum and have a wealth of experience working with students to help them achieve their academic goals. We offer both online year 11 tutoring and in-person tutoring at our tutoring center in Sydney, Australia. Take advantage of our 2-week Free Trial and see the difference we can make in your academic journey.

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"Vinuja helped my son improve on his HSC Chemistry content knowledge and question answering techniques greatly, though he attended his lessons for a couple of months. Vinuja has a great deal of resources to help students prepare for HSC. Highly recommend him."
Angelo Alexander
“Engaging Tutor with good understanding of the topic taught as well as teaching the topic in an intuitive manner. Followed the pace of the students and was flexible when necessary.”
Rahul Raghavendra Prasad
“Vinuja has worked consistently with my son for his HSC in group classes and solo tutoring. In this time period we have been so pleased to see my son’s exam marks jump around 20% and we hope they will go even higher. My son now actually enjoys Chemistry! I can recommend Vinuja as a tutor for the HSC, and I am definitely glad we had him on our team.”
M. A. Devere
Achieve HSC Biology Mastery

Tutoring Pricing

For One Prelim Module

Per Module: $630 + GST

For One HSC Module

Per Module: $720 + GST

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